Hazard Armor

Heavy Armor – Bulwark Class

Bulwark class Hazard armor is a hulking suit of durasteel plates and reinforced systems. Able to dish out damage and take it in kind, the Bulwark is the solid base of a Hazard Squad. Bulwark suits suffer from their sheer weight and size, however. A sentient in a Bulkwark Suit counts as Silhouette 2 for attack difficulty, and suffers setbacks to Stealth and Coordination checks.

Soak Def HP
4 1/1 4
System Effect
Strength Assist +1 Brawn
Bulky ■■ to Agility-Based Checks
Massive Silhouette 2; 2 Innate Talent (Durable) Mods


Medium Armor – Suppressor Class

Suppressor class armor is built around heavy weapons, and serves a support role in a Hazard Squad. Equipped with a rugged integrated generator and reinforced arm supports, the Suppressor can use any portable weapon without fear of running out of power. In addition, the Suppressor has a retractable cable that can be used to supply power to other suits or to equipment in the field.

Soak Def HP
3 0 4
System Effect
Load-Assist Servos 2 Innate Talent (Burly) Mods
Integrated Generator Cannot run out of ammo
Massive Silhouette 2;


Medium Armor – Sapper Class

Sapper class armor focuses on battlefield control and Squad support. Sapper armor features built in slicing gear and repair tools, as well as increased load capacity for heavy equipment.


Light Armor – Longbow Class

Longbow light armor grants its user a rock steady platform from which to take critical shots, and the mobility to get to where those shots are needed. Longbow armor comes with integrated ascension gear.


Light Armor – Wraith Class

Hazard Squads rarely embrace stealth in their operations, but when they do they have access to the Wraith suit. Impossibly fast and nimble, the Wraith sacrifices protection for mobility and an integrated stealth system.

Hazard Armor

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